Insurance Options

Auto Insurance with Traders Insurance

Why do we need auto insurance? Auto Insurance claims are processed for people if:

  • There is an accident and someone is injured
  • A car is stolen
  • Someone is hit by another vehicle that doesn’t have auto insurance.

Auto Insurance protects you against the financial hardships of paying for injuries or property damage caused by an accident.

Renters Value Plan (RVP) from Traders Insurance

Your belongings and valuables can be damaged or lost in those “what if” situations.

  • Your apartment or rental home is damaged by a fire or storm?
  • Your place is robbed?
  • A guest is injured in your home?

In any of these situations, do you have the funds to replace everything that was damaged or stolen? Can you afford to pay hospital or doctor bills for injuries? Our Renters Value Plan Insurance can protect you from such unpredictable events.

Traders Roadside Assistance

Need help now?

Get support online or call us at 877-507-2417.

27/7 Roadside Assistance

Traders Insurance Roadside Assistance is an extra coverage you can add to your policy. Services are provided by Agero, which is trusted by over 80 million drivers nationwide. Towing, jump-starts, fuel delivery, vehicle lockout, and flat tire are some of the services provided.

What does roadside assistance cover?

  • Vehicle towing: Tow your vehicle anywhere of your choosing up to $100 towing cost (usually 25 miles
  • Battery jump-start: We jump-start it at the scene to help get you on your way.
  • Fuel delivery: If you run out of gas, we deliver fuel directly to your vehicle. You only pay for the cost of the fuel. The delivery and service is covered.
  • Locksmith service: If your keys are lost, stolen, or accidentally locked inside your vehicle, we dispatch a qualified service provider. You’re only responsible for the cost of the key if you need a replacement.
  • Flat tire change: No need to panic if you have a flat. A roadside professional can put the spare tire on your vehicle at the scene for no cost as long as you can provide a spare.

To add roadside assistance to your policy please call 1-800-369-0369

Start a Roadside Claim
Submit Reimbursement Request

*We limit you to one call for the same service type during any seven-day period. We allow 3 calls per 6-month policy allowing up to 6 calls a year.

*We tow for mechanical or electrical breakdowns. We cannot tow if your car is in a place or in a condition that is not safe to tow.

*Please read the entire policy endorsement for program details. All Services provided by AGERO.